Penny Levine

In A Nutshell...

I have been a successful real estate agent servicing clients in the Montreal area since 1987. In addition to my real estate license, in 1995 I received my Chartered Broker’s license which allows me to manage and direct my own brokerage house. I draw on my theatre background from Concordia University, combine that with savy business acumen and the result is an engaging personal style that creates a fun, unique and successful experience for clients and agents alike.

On a personal level, I possess strong beliefs, a good value system, and commitment to family, friends and community. I feel it is important to be a well rounded, balanced individual. While I am committed to working hard, I also believe it is necessary to find time for oneself. I am active in sports, travel and the arts.

Tenacious, relentless, co-operative and flexible, I give 100% of my experience to provide uncompromising service to promote my client’s best interests. I appreciate that my work involves advising people about major decisions where large sums of money are concerned. I take this responsibility seriously, and I accept it with gratitude and a determination to get the job done.

Now, let's get to work!